A 3 bed village house in good condition in Magalas

This is a lovely house on four levels in this charming medieval village. You enter the house on the ground floor via a porch. On the first floor there is an equipped kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a hallway. On the second floor there are 2 bedrooms, a WC and a shower room of a small landing. On the third floor there is a bedroom with a shower and a separate WC. The house has new wiring and tiling and has been recently painted. There is a car park 15 metres from the house. Magalas is a village with shops, cafes and restaurants, primary and secondary schools and a railway station just 15 minutes from Béziers and the autoroutes and 25 minutes from the beaches.

1. My house is my castle.

2. There is no place like home.

3. Men make houses, women make homes.

~Park *** Place Apartments - Rules and Regulations ~

(Read carefully before signing. This is a legal document and is part of the TAA lease attached)

1. Controlled AccessNEVER PROP ANY DOORS OPEN UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE PROCESS OF MOVING IN OR OUT!!! Although we are trying to prevent the theft and destruction of both your belongings and our property, we are first and foremost trying to prevent harm to any of our residents. Medeco keysare provided to residents and are for residents’ use only. Visitors must use the call box phone at the front to call you and have you open the door. It is the responsibility of the tenant to provide management with his/her current and correct telephone number so that it can be programmed into the call box. If you see anyone roaming the halls or persons who look like they are not residents, immediately notify the management or the Austin Police Department if the Manager is not available.

2. Security.Stealing of company property or property of other tenants will be cause for automatic eviction and will be reported to the proper authorities. There will be no seven-day waiting period for processing, and parents/guarantor will be notified with no refund of deposit.

3.Parking. As long as there is space available, parking is provided free of charge to residents. If a tenant requests covered parking and if it is available, a fee of$45 per month will be assessed.Please park responsibly and stay within the lines. No particular spots are assigned. Residents who wish to park their car on the premises must obtain a current parking permit form the Manager. They only will be issued after the proper vehicle registration form is filled out and provided to us. Your automobile must be in your or your parents’ name.After all available permits are distributed, Park *** Place cannot provide parking to remaining residents. Those without a permit must park on the street. We will keep a waiting list for those needing parking permits and will distribute them as spaces come available. Visitors must park off premises due to limited spaces. Park *** Place management will not be responsible for any car towed that does not have a valid parking permit. Abandoned or inoperable vehicles will be towed from the property at the vehicle owner's expense.

4. Quiet and Respect.Please respect your fellow residents. Keep noise to a minimum, especially late at night. If someone is disturbing you, you have the right to ask him or her to lower the noise level. If you are asked by another resident to lower the noise level, please do so. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 9:00AM; loud noise is prohibited at this time.

5. FacilitiesThe responsible use of all facilities is available to all residents. All hallways, stairs, and common areas are to be kept free of obstruction at all times.

6. Lobby.The lobby and other common areas are to be kept free of trash and clutter. Loud noise and partying in the lobby is prohibited.

7. Smoking.Smoking is prohibited in the building, including the lobby, laundry room, kitchen, and halls. You may smoke out on the patio and porch, but please take an ashtray with you (and bring it back). Please do not throw your cigarette butts on the grounds besides the entrances.

8. Guests. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests.

9. Pets.Pets are NOT permitted at Park *** Place Apartments.

10. Cleaning.It is the responsibility of residents to discuss and set up a schedule for the cleaning of the shared bathrooms. A cleaning fee will be assessed if the bathroom is not kept clean.

11. Lamps.Residents must furnish their own lamps.

12. Fire and Trash.No BBQ pits or hibachis (= a small piece of equipment for cooking food outdoors, over burning charcoal) are allowed within 15 feet of the property. There is a $1,000 fine by the Fire Department. Trash should not be left near your door. It should be taken to the Dumpster. Also, please store recycling materials and containers so they are not visible.

13. Lockout Procedure.During regular office hours (to be posted), you may ask the on-site Manager to unlock your door. Outside these hours, it is the tenant's responsibility to call a locksmith. If the manager does come after hours, you may be charged a minimum of $35.00, possibly more, at the discretion of the Manager. The best thing is to have a spare key.

14. Garbage Disposal(= a small machine in the kitchen sink that cuts food waste into small pieces so that it can be washed down the drain of the sink).Be careful about what enters the disposal. Certain items cannot be handled and will often clog the pipes or overwork the disposal. If the garbage disposal ever malfunctions, first attempt to clear the contents of the disposal. This can be accomplished by inserting a broom handle or similar blunt instrument and twisting it around to clear any items. Another possible remedy is to press the reset button underneath the disposal.

15. Toilets and Drains.If the toilet continues to run or is leaking, check to see if the chain inside the tank has come loose. Check to see if the flapper valve has closed properly. Do not use cleaners that are inserted in the tank because they can damage the flapper valves. The new water saver toilets have a tendency to become stopped up more often. If this occurs, the best solution is to use a plunger. If there is ever a leak that you cannot find, please turn off the water supply at the valves at the base of the commode (same applies to sinks, lavatories, etc.). To prevent drains from stopping-up, please clean out the hair in your showers and sinks regularly. Also, please take the time to clean your shower so that mildew does not build up. Never put any type of paper besides toilet paper in the commode.

16. Appliances.Microwaves, Refrigerators and Ranges (= ovens).Tenants are responsible for all repairs and maintenance of refrigerators and microwaves due to negligence, misuse or abuse. The complex Insurance carrier does not permit ranges or hot plates.If yon decide to purchase one, you must assume all the liability and responsibility caused by your neglect.

17. Unauthorized Repairs.No repairs are to be performed by the tenant without prior approval. All repair requests must be put in writing. Repairs done without prior approval will not be reimbursed unless it was an emergency situation (where serious threat of damage or harm to people or property exists). If there is ever a problem or emergency, always contact the on-site manger first or the answering service.

18. Storage and Baggage.Park *** Place Apartments is not responsible for any personal property, which may be lost, damaged, mislaid, or missing. Any belongings not claimed after 30 days will be disposed of. Each resident is responsible for his/her personal property.

19. Valuables.Anything of value should be fully insured. Park *** Place assumes no liability.

20. Contraband.Possession of firearms, ammunition, flammable liquids, explosives, fireworks, deadly weapons, or illegal drugs is prohibited and is grounds for eviction. No commercial endeavor is permitted on the premises without the Owner's written permission.

21. Lights.Turn out the lights in your room and common areas when no one is in the room using them. Light switches can be found by the doors. Your efforts will be appreciated.

22. Electrical Equipment.Residents are encouraged to use surge protectors. Please be careful not to overload the circuits. Keep hair dryers and curling irons away from the sink and unplugged when not in use.

23. Freeze Protection.Extremely cold weather is often the cause of frozen pipes. When there is a freeze warning, it is a good idea to leave a faucet dripping in all the sinks and shower, especially if you are planning to be away for a long time. Cabinet doors should be left open so that the pipes are exposed to heat.

24. Pest Control.Park *** Place does not provide pest control. It is the tenant's responsibility to prevent any of such problems. Taking out the trash regularly and grinding leftover food thoroughly in the garbage disposal are always good ideas.

25. Bedding.Tenants must use a protective mattress cover for the bed or tenant will be charged for a replacement mattress.

I (we) _______________________________________________, residents

of unit# ____________________ acknowledge receipt and accept the Rules and Regulations of Park *** Place Apartments on this ___ day of ______ 200__.

Signature (s)


Unit 2.